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Cmder Installer

This repository was created as a wrapper around my favorite terminal emulator Cmder.

The goal is to distribute it to winget and make it available with the new Windows Package Manager. Cmder is a portable application, until winget can install .zip files we needed to create an installer to include the vendor resources.



  1. The latest release archive of Cmder.
  2. NSIS installed.

Steps for Installer

  1. Clone the repository
  2. Create the following directory structure.
    1. installer\Cmder\Versions\[FULL_VERSION_NUMBER] e.g.
    2. installer\Cmder-mini\Versions\[FULL_VERSION_NUMBER] e.g.
  3. Download the release to the correct version path and extract here.
  4. Edit VERSION Variable in the .nsi scripts. It's the first variable in the each file.
    1. Cmder.nsi
    2. Cmder-mini.nsi
  5. Launch NSIS.
  6. Compile the scripts by navigating to the cloned repo.
  7. Create a release in repository.
  8. Add installer artifacts from script compilation to the release.

Steps to Publish Winget Manifest

  1. Create a new folder for version number under each installer payload e.g. (x.x.x.x).
  2. Copy previous release manifests to new release folder.
  3. Edit PackageVersion, InstallerUrl and hash with new release number. winget has -f [FILENAME]
  4. Validate manifest with validate. winget validate --manifest [FILENAME]
  5. Create new branch for release.
  6. Add release manifests.
  7. Push changes to fork.
  8. Squash merge into forked master.
  9. Create pull request in winget-pkg upstream.