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@ -15,12 +15,12 @@ The goal is to distribute it to [winget](
1. Clone the repository
1. Create the following directory structure.
1. .\mini\Versions\\**[FULL_VERSION_NUMBER]** e.g.
1. .\full\Versions\\**[FULL_VERSION_NUMBER]** e.g.
1. installer\Cmder\Versions\\**[FULL_VERSION_NUMBER]** e.g.
1. installer\Cmder-mini\Versions\\**[FULL_VERSION_NUMBER]** e.g.
1. Download the release to the correct version path and extract here.
1. Edit VERSION Variable in the .nsi scripts. It's the first variable in the each file.
1. [Cmder.nsi](
1. [Cmder-mini.nsi](
1. [Cmder-full-msi](
1. Launch NSIS.
1. Compile the scripts by navigating to the cloned repo.
1. Create a release in repository.